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EU MRV Document of Compliance - What ship owners must know?

In this video and blog post, we talk about the EU MRV document of compliance. Because it has the same name, we need to be careful to not confound it with the other document of compliance – the one which demonstrates compliance with the ISM code.



What is a EU MRV document of compliance?

The document of compliance is issued by the verifier upon successful verification of your emissions report. It confirms that your vessel has complied with the requirements of the EU MRV Shipping Regulation for a specific reporting period.


By when do you need to carry on board a valid document of compliance?

The answer is 30 June 2019. It will also need to be presented during port state control inspections. Otherwise, you might find yourself confronted with fines, and perhaps more drastic penalties, such as detention notices or expulsion orders.

It’s important to note that the document of compliance is valid for 18 months after the end of the reporting period. This means the DOC operators receive for 2018 will be valid until June 2020. It must then be replaced by a new DOC – the one which demonstrates compliance with MRV Shipping in 2019.


What information does the document of compliance contain?

The document of compliance contains information on the identity of the ship, ship owner and verifier, as well as the date of issue, period of validity and the reporting period to which it pertains.


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