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EU MRV Emissions Report - What ship owners must know?

In this video and blog post, we take a closer look at the EU MRV emissions report. As mentioned in our video about the path to compliance, companies must submit to the European Commission a verified emissions report for each ship under their responsibility for the first time by 30 April 2019.



What is an emissions report and what information does it contain?

The emissions report includes data identifying the ship and the company; it specifies the monitoring method used and it contains the results from the reporting period, such as total fuel consumption for each type of fuel, various CO2 emission aggregates, distance travelled, time spent at sea, transport work and four different energy efficiency parameters.

While most of the information of the emissions report is mandatory, some of it is voluntary. For example, it’s optional for chemical tankers, bulk carriers and combination carriers to report the density of the cargoes transported.


What happens with the information?

Some of the information from the emissions report will be released by the European Commission. So ultimately people will be able to access a database and compare fuel efficiency across regulated ships.


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