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Method A: BDN and periodic stocktakes of fuel tanks

In this video, we take a closer look at the first of the four monitoring methodologies shipping companies can choose from. I'm referring to method A which is based on the Bunker Delivery Note (BDN) and periodic stocktakes of fuel tanks.



It is important to note that method A should not be used if, for any reason, the BDN is not available or for LNG tankers which use part of the cargo as fuel.

So if you decide to use method A, you would determine the fuel consumption for a certain voyage by subtracting fuel in tanks at the end of the voyage from possible bunker fuel deliveries (as recorded on the BDN) and fuel in tanks at the start of the voyage. Fuel tank readings should be carried out by appropriate methods such as automated systems, soundings and dip tapes.

If fuel uplift and fuel remaining in tanks is determined in units of volume, you will need to convert the amounts from volume to mass using actual density. The density value can be taken from on-board measurement systems, from the BDN or from an accredited fuel test laboratory.

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