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Method B: Bunker fuel tank monitoring on-board

In this video, we talk about the second monitoring method, namely method B. If you have missed the video about method A, it is still available on our website. Simply click Method A: BDN and periodic stocktakes of fuel tanks.



Back to method B. This method is based on fuel tank readings for all fuel tanks on-board. If you want to determine your vessel's fuel consumption for a certain voyage, you need to subtract fuel oil ROB at the end of the voyage from fuel oil ROB at the start of the voyage.

Any fuel oil bunkered or de-bunkered will also need to be taken into account. For that, you determine the bunker quantity the usual way by means of tank readings before and after the bunkering operation. Please keep in mind that, in addition, tank readings must also be carried out daily when the ship is at sea, for example, before filing the noon report.

I hope you find this short video useful. If not already done, I recommend you watch the video about method A. Also because it contains more information about the volume mass conversion and measurement equipment.



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