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Method C: Flow meters for applicable combustion processes

After having talked about method A and B in the two previous videos, today we shed some more light on method C. Method C refers to the use of fuel flow meters for determining fuel consumption.



To use method C, you should first make sure that all MRV relevant consumers are equipped with a fuel flow meter. MRV relevant are main engines, auxiliary engines, gas turbines, boilers and inert gas generators. Any other consumers are outside of the scope of the regulation.

Most of the fuel flow meters used today onboard ships are volume flow meters. If you also use volume flow meters, you will need to convert your fuel flow measurements from volume to mass by using temperature-corrected density values. The density value can be taken from on-board measurement systems, from the BDN or from an accredited fuel test laboratory.

Please also keep in mind that the temperature used for density corrections should be the fuel temperature at the flow meter.



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