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Method D: Direct CO2 emissions measurement

In this video, we talk about method D which allows the use of direct emission measurements for compliance with MRV Shipping. If you are interested in methods A, B and C, feel free to also watch the previous videos. This way, you get useful information about all four monitoring methods.



Method D is based on the determination of CO2 emission flows in exhaust gas stacks. How it works is that the measurement device installed on board of your vessel determines the CO2 concentration of the exhaust gas and the exhaust gas flow. It uses these measurements to calculate the mass of CO2 emissions produced during a certain period.

To determine fuel consumption, we will need to divide measured CO2 emissions by the applicable emission factor for the relevant fuel. As emission factor, you must use the default values specified in Commission Delegated Regulation 2016/2071.

One last clarification. You can combine the different monitoring methods. This means, you are allowed to use method D for fuel and emission measurements from, let's say, main and auxiliary engines and method B for all other MRV relevant emission sources. You just need to make sure that once the method has been chosen, it is consistently applied.



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