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Monitoring within EEA port of calls

Shipping companies must not only monitor fuel oil consumption and CO2 emissions during a qualifying voyage but also within port of calls located on EU territory.

If you are unsure about what EU territory means or how the regulation defines a voyage, I recommend you watch the two previous videos first (How the EU defines a voyage and a port of call? and What is the geographical scope of MRV Shipping?).



An exemption from the requirement to monitor fuel oil consumption within ports exists for operators who have chosen to measure all their CO2 emissions directly in exhaust gas stacks. However, those operators will still need to monitor CO2 emissions within ports and therefore it's essential to know at what point in time they must read the gauge.

The general rule is to take measurements upon arrival at the first berth and upon departure from the last berth of a port of call. These two events mark the start and the end of a port call and at the same time the start and the end of a voyage. Without this clear definition we would be unable to separate voyage and port related fuel oil consumption and CO2 emissions from one another.



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