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What information will be published by the European Commission?

We have already talked about the publication of reported information in one of our previous videos. In this video, we take a closer look at what information will be published by the European Commission and what shipping companies can do against the publication of commercially sensitive information.



Article 21 of the regulation allows the European Commission to publish CO2 emissions information and other relevant information. The information must be publicly available by 30 June of the year following the reporting year. It includes information on the identity and technical efficiency of the ship, as well as, the results from the annual monitoring and reporting, such as total CO2 emissions, total fuel consumption, average energy efficiency and total time spent at sea.

In addition, the European Commission will publish an annual report which will summarize and compare the results across various categories, such as size or type of ship.


So what about the release of commercially sensitive information?

Shipping companies can request another level of aggregation or, if not possible, the concealment of certain information, where the disclosure of such information would exceptionally undermine the protection of commercial interests.



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