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What is the MRV Shipping verification?

In this video, we talk about the MRV Shipping verification because the legislation requires ship operators to go through a verification on at least two occasions. There is the assessment of monitoring plan and the verification of your annual emissions report.



MRV Shipping Verification

The verification is performed by an accredited MRV Shipping verifier to ensure that the monitoring plan and emissions report are accurate and in conformity with EU Regulation 2015/757 and associated implementing and delegated Regulations.

Verifiers must be accredited by a national accreditation body, such as UKAS in the UK or DAkkS in Germany. To obtain an accreditation, they must demonstrate that they are independent and impartial. This of course makes sense because the creation and assessment of a monitoring plan by the same verifier would lead to a conflict of interest.

Like all regulated ship operators, verification companies must also abide by certain rules. Amongst other verification procedures, they must review all data sources and methodologies used and assess the risks related to the different calculation steps.


Assessment of Monitoring Plan

The verifier will essentially focus on the following two checks. It will examine whether the monitoring plan provides all information that is required by the Regulation, and check whether there are any discrepancies between implemented procedures and those described in the monitoring plan.

If the verification identifies any non-conformities, ship operators must resolve them before the start of the first reporting period by the end of 2017.


Verification of Emissions Report

As to what regards the emissions report, the verifier investigates again whether the procedures described in the monitoring plan have been followed and whether the emissions report is free of any material misstatements.


Verification Report

At the end of the verification, the verifier will issue a verification report which contains the results of the verification. If the verification was successful, it will state that the emissions report has been verified as satisfactory. By contrast, the verifier will need to issue a negative verification opinion if it has identified non-conformities or misstatements which lead to material misstatements and which have not been corrected.


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