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Who is regulated under EU Regulation 2015/757?

In this video and blog post, we take a closer look at EU Regulation 2015/757 to find out what type of vessels and operations are covered by the MRV system and which company is responsible for compliance.



What type of vessels and operations are covered by the scheme?

The EU Shipping MRV Regulation applies to vessels which meet each of the following three conditions. Regulated are vessels

  • with more than 5,000 GT, regardless of their flag or country of ownership
  • which either carry cargo or passengers for commercial purposes
  • which plan to call at a European port starting from 1 January 2018


Only if you meet all three conditions, you will need to get ready for MRV Shipping.

Various ship types and operations are outside of the scope of MRV Shipping. Article 2(2) of EU Regulation 2015/757 exempts the following ships: warships, naval auxiliaries, fish-catching or fish processing ships, wooden ships of a primitive build, ships not propelled by mechanical means and government ships used for non-commercial purposes.


Which company is responsible for compliance?

According to the regulation, it’s the ship owner who is responsible, or any other person or organization, which has assumed the responsibility for the operation of the ship from the ship owner.

You might have already come across this definition because you also find it in Chapter 9 of SOLAS. So to sum up, if you are the holder of the document of compliance which demonstrates compliance with the ISM code, you will also be responsible for compliance with MRV Shipping.


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